Signs of a Transmission Leak

A leaking transmission is never a good sign. If you notice or suspect a leak, it is imperative to schedule repair service at an auto repair center at once. When the transmission leaks, the entire vehicle is at-risk. Do you know the signs of a transmission leak? Some of the most common signs that indicate a transmission leak include:

·    Puddles on the ground are usually the first sign of a transmission leak that drivers notice. Look underneath the car every time you park or get ready to drive, looking for spots of fluid. Transmission fluid is a reddish-brown color.

ford powerstroke transmission

·    If your transmission fluid must constantly be refilled, there is a problem. Likely, a leak is the culprit of this problem.

·    Do you notice the vehicle isn’t performing the way that it should? Even when you do not see a leak, there could very well be a problem if you notice the car hesitates when you drive, if it loses power going uphill, etc.

·    When is the last time the transmission fluid was changed? It is imperative to adhere to the recommended schedule to ensure your car runs smooth for longer. If it’s been sometime since the fluid was changed, a leak is possible.

The sins of a leak in the above list are the most common problems drivers notice when their transmission is on the verge of a breakdown. Do not ignore these signs and hope for the best. Call a repairman at once and save your vehicle from expensive repairs and other mishaps.

Whether your vehicle operates with a ford powerstroke transmission or another type of transmission, leaks can and will occur. Do not ignore the signs of a leak and schedule repair service immediately. This is the best way to protect the lifetime and performance of the vehicle.